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… was written to help you achieve an ongoing daily wellness practice in an easy to use format.
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If you’d like to go deeper in your understanding of the Vital Vessel Protocol, helping to solidify your practice,
while gathering in community and conversation around what it means to be well,
we also offer the Vital Vessel Protocol Cohort,
where you move through the lessons of the protocol in depth, within a cohort of fellow students,
over an 8 week period, within a private FB group led by VV Founder, Alaya Wyndham.

In the cohort we help foster ongoing learning, success and connection,
by complementing our protocol lessons with a private community.

In addition to a weekly live class you will have access to Alaya’s expertise for Q/A for the duration of the membership
as well as the invaluable ongoing support of your cohort members.

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We have discovered some key elements of wellness, which when used together, can provide anyone with the foundation they need to create their own vitality:


Through daily meditations you can train your mind to be your best tool. Achieve mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellness by retraining your brain to be an ally in your own cause. The guided meditations on Vital Vessel Project provide you with a library of easy, effective meditations to add to your practice, with focused visualizations aimed to help you achieve wellness in your desired subject areas, from better sleep, to increased athletic performance, to calming anxiety, to healing from a major surgery or emotional trauma.


Awareness is an open door, inviting discovery of what it means to be well. You, are your own body expert, and we want to teach you how to hone your own body wisdom. Through simple daily self-check-ins and journaling, you will become more sensitive to what it is your body needs. If you learn to listen in, you can hone your own intuition to care for your body in just the ways that it needs, and seek specialized help when you need it. At Vital Vessel, you will learn simple ways to check in with yourself on the regular, which with help both individually and cumulatively, to create a new level of body awareness.


Movement of the body is movement of energy. A practice including daily movement will help you restore your body’s innate potential to generate its own energy, while also offering you increased functionality and fitness. We believe in supporting natural human movement and increased performance to increase your quality of life and longevity. Mindful movement is also key to your mental and emotional mastery practice, helping you to clear and calm the mind and reconnect with your heart. We want movement for the masses!


Eating nutrient-dense foods, in the right combinations for your body constitution optimizes your DNA and supports you both in ongoing vitality of mind and body, and can concurrently be used as one of the most powerful medicines, as you work through healing of any kind. Through the Vital Vessel Project learning center, you can explore topics such as: constitution types, popular nutritional plans, intuitive eating practices, food and energy balance, as well as have access to a regularly-updated library of recipes designed to help you achieve anything from daily wellness to deep healing.


An essential aspect of human wellness is connection. An important part of any kind of healing is support. The process of healing — the mind, the body, the emotional body — can feel lonely, but we want to change that. Nobody going through healing of any kind should feel isolated or lost. Vital Vessel is your community. Here, we share ideas, practices and tools, to help you achieve your own vitality. We also help you feel connected by fostering an ongoing conversation of what it means to be well. An important project within Vital Vessel in one of storytelling on the topic of healing. Through storytelling we allow ourselves to release of the psychological weight of those things that have traumatized us, or which we feel set us back in life. We begin to relate to one another in new ways. We all teach each other, and suddenly we are not alone. We are learning from and with one another. #communityiskey


Frequency music is written with specific vibrational frequencies in combinations which are orchestrated to help bring your body and mind into energetic alignment. Think of your body as an instrument, and this music as a tune up. Add this to your daily practice to help enhance your wellness, achieve faster healing, and calm the mind.

Put it all together, and you have a dialed-in daily practice.